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Experienced Nurse Consultant with seventeen years consulting on medical malpractice matters. 

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Experienced Legal Nurse Consulting from medical record review for merit to assistance at trial

  Currently practicing Nationally Certified Emergency Nurse with 30 years of experience in adult and pediatric emergency nursing, critical care, interventional radiology and neuro-interventional radiology. Assisting attorneys as a legal nurse consultant and testifying expert since 1998.  

 Application of a broad knowledge base and familiarity into the inside workings of hospitals allows for detailed insight into matters involving preventable medical error which recent research conducted by John Hopkins University identified as the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

 Utilized is a comprehensive approach to case review with an eye for detail. Strong communication skills allow for the education of attorneys as to the specific, relevant details regarding the medical issues, and to explain the breaches in the standard of care with sufficient specificity. Thirty years of nursing education, training, experience and familiarity with the current evidence based research allows for the identification of those factors that contributed to the outcome. Several attorney references are available upon request.  

Answering the question of what really happened and why.

  • Detailed review and interpretation of records 
  • Development of timelines and summaries 
  • Summaries of deposition testimony
  • Identification of breaches in the standard of care
  • Initial report to include Texas Chapter 74 reports and affidavits of merit
  • Selection and interviewing potential experts
  • Literature research
  • Attendance at deposition and trial  


1. " To Whom It May Concern: I have utilized Darlene Nelson Richardson, R.N., as an expert witness in no less than five nursing malpractice cases. I have asked her to review mulitple cases because she is the best nursing expert I have come across in over two decades of practicing law. I have found her reviews to be prompt, fair and thorough. She has done an excellent job of educating me on the issues in the cases, and provided effective and essential testimony at trial which was without question a key contributing factor to the verdict we obtained. I have no doubt that one of the key reasons her substantive testimony in that case went well was her willingness to inconvenience herself to be available for preparatory meetings at a time convenient for the lawyers both before and during the course of the trial. In short, I have found Darlene Nelson Richardson to be professional and helpful. Working with her has been a very pleasant experience." 

2.  "To whom it may concern: I have had the pleasure of working with Nurse Darlene Nelson on three medical malpractice cases. The first two cases arose out of complications stemming from wound care in the hospital setting. The third arose out of nursing negligence in the home care setting. Although I have yet to meet Nurse Nelson in person, I have had multiple conversations with her via the telephone and through email. I have found her work to be sound and reliable. As a plaintiff lawyer, I am dependent on the expertise of others to determine the viability of a matter. Accordingly, it is most important that the expert be thorough and frank. Nurse Nelson is a knowledgeable professional. She thoroughly acquaints herself with the facts of a case prior to offering a non-biased opinion. She provides literature to support well-reasoned opinions. I would recommend her services to any lawyer, Plaintiff or Defense, that is seeking a sound professional opinion regarding the viability of a case. I hope this letter provided some insight. I remain willing to respond to any questions you might have pertaining to Darlene Nelson, RN, CEN. "

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